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our mission, vision & values

Rikkyo University was founded in 1874 by Bishop Channing Moore Williams, a missionary of the American Episcopal Church. At the time, the founders of Rikkyo University saw their mission as providing the youth of the day with “freedom.” Freedom as an opportunity to freely discuss issues of concern, to formulate their own opinions and objectives, and to equip themselves and each other with the skills needed to act upon these ideals and insights.

The freedom here is that of the individual being able to pursue their own self-realization within the context of a firm understanding and appreciation of the hopes and dreams of others and through the planning and implementation of actions to achieve their realization. This concept of “freedom” was to become Rikkyo University`s founding principal and was known in Japanese as the “Jiyu no Gakufu” (the Academy of Freedom). To this day, Rikkyo University is at times also referred to as the “Academy of Freedom.”

These concepts of “freedom” and “responsibility” today form the foundation for Rikkyo University’s education policy.

our approach to education

The Rikkyo education policy is based upon the fulfillment of these four objectives.

  • Mentality: to seek to understand without prejudice the values people of other communities cultures and nations, to respect and work with these people towards the realisation of common goals,
  • Knowledge: the development of people with the broad familiarity and critical understanding of their chosen discipline,
  • skills: the ability to communicate and apply this knowledge as needed, and
  • Experience: to provide a rich and varied range of opportunities to learn through innovative interaction with others.

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the purpose of the College of Business

our values & goals

The Rikkyo University College of Business was established in clear understanding of the fact that it would need to combine the challenge of becoming a school which could stand as both an Academy of Freedom as well as discharging the duties embodied in the university motto of “Pro Deo et Patria” [literally translated from the Latin as “For God and Country,” Rikkyo University today officially translates this motto as “To pursue universally applicable truth for the sake of our communities and the world.”] by facilitating the development of new generations of business people capable of critical self reflection, transformative vision, and powerful and sustainable collaboration.

The College of Business Mission Statement

The mission of the Rikkyo University College of Business is to create a community of learning where individuals may develop:

  • a capacity for critical self-reflection by which to objectively guide their own long-term development,
  • the sensitivity to perceive and appreciate the values and rights of others,
  • the skills to constructively interact with peoples of widely diverse backgrounds, and
  • a comprehensive knowledge of the disciplines of management,
  • acquire a practical understanding and experience of the process of management within dynamic and challenging contexts.

Based upon this, our vision, though seemingly simple, has enormous relevance and meaning both within our tradition and for our current role as an educational institution. It is:

The Vision of the College of Business

“To carry the torch of the Academy of Freedom within the field of business education today and into the future.”

the College of Business Pledge

what we strive to be

Our Mission and Vision is embodied in the COB Pledge and serves as a touchstone for all our activities. At the commencement of each academic year each incoming class of students, together with new faculty and staff, are invited to take the Pledge, sign the Pledge Document in front of their peers and accept and thereafter carry a Pledge Card and uphold its principles.

The College of Business Pledge

As a member of the College of Business, and as future leader in business and society, I hereby declare that I will strive to:

  • Respect and defend the rights and dignity of all people.
  • Learn and use my talents to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and prosperous world.
  • Act with honesty and integrity, and
  • Accept the responsibility for my actions.

I make this declaration today before all my colleagues and, together with all my colleagues, I will honor this declaration from this day forward.

Photo: A College of Business Pledge Card showing the side in Japanese

the Master in International Business program

an embodiment of our mission

In April 2011, the Graduate School of Business took a step towards fulfilling one of its original educational goals when it launched its English language based Master in International Business Program (MiB) designed to develop, highly skilled, knowledgeable and versatile personnel to serve as leaders in the field of global business.

Today the MiB provides a unique opportunity to study business in Japan. The MiB program has been specifically designed to create a new generation of business professionals in accordance with the objectives of the College Mission and the spirit of our Pledge while drawing upon the rich heritage of education in the liberal arts tradition which defines Rikkyo University.

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