Photo: Old Tokyo Campus in Summer

Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan

where we are and how to get here

Rikkyo University is located on two campuses – one in the center of Tokyo in Ikebukuro, and the second in Niiza, Saitama which is a 20 minute ride by local train from Ikebukuro.

In addition to these two main campuses, Rikkyo University also maintains a number of facilities for a wide range of sports activities including the Fujimi Sports Campus (housing an athletics center, Rugby and American football rounds and clubhouses), equestrian, rowing, and yachting facilities.

The MiB is located on the Ikebukuro campus in the center of Tokyo.

A view of the original section of the Tokyo campus in the Ikebukuro area of Tokyo.

The center of the Niiza campus located just outside Tokyo 18 minutes by train from the Tokyo campus.

Entrance to the Fujimi Athletics Campus.

The Rikkyo Baseball Club’s field at Niiza.

Inside one of the Rikkyo Equestrian Club’s horse stables.

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