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Phase One: Document Screening

At this stage the selection committee will assess whether or not applicants are suitably prepared and qualified to study in the MiB program. During this stage of the process we assess the educational background of applicants.

In order to do this we require information regarding:

  • undergraduate and graduate education programs you have attended
  • the content of these programs in terms of the courses you have taken.
  • academic degrees which you are currently working towards or have already attained
  • academic performance to date in these programs
  • English language proficiency

Download the Application and Examination Procedures Document.

Download the Coversheet for Posting Documents.

what you will need to prepare

In order to perform this evaluation we therefore require that you submit the following documents for screening.

Certificate of graduation from bachelors or equivalent degree program

In order to be admitted to the MiB program you must hold a bachelor’s or an equivalent degree, or be due to receive a bachelors degree or its equivalent before the MiB program is scheduled to commence.

You are therefore required to submit a certificate of verification issued by the institution where you received your undergraduate degree/s.

These documents will not be returned so please do not submit your actual degree (testamur) or diploma document itself.

Those due to receive a degree or an equivalent before entering the MiB program will be required to provide proof that they have graduated and received a degree or an equivalent before they can be admitted to Rikkyo University.

Failure to provide the necessary documents will result in the withdrawal of your offer of admission.

Read more about eligibility requirements for applicants.

Academic Transcripts

You are required to submit certified copies of your academic transcripts issued by the institution where you received your undergraduate degree, and from any other undergraduate or graduate programs where you have previously studied regardless of whether or not you completed them.

This document should be written in English, however, or an official transcript is not available in English the original may be submitted along with an English translation.

GMAT or GRE Scores

Applicants may submit either GMAT or GRE scores. These test scores are required to evaluate your abilities in a number of fields. The selection committee does not use these test scores as a substitute for an entrance examination.

There is no official minimum test score requirement. The selection committee will evaluate your scores in the various areas of the GMAT or GRE and use them to make an overall and balanced evaluation of your aptitude and potential in light of your particular circumstances and background.

Because the selection committee will already have access to considerable information regarding your past academic performance and aptitude, applicants who have graduated (or are scheduled to graduate) from Rikkyo University are not required to submit either GMATor GRE test scores.

For more details about the GMAT.

For more details about the GRE.

Proof of English language proficiency

If your first language is not English or, if your undergraduate degree was not from a program taught entirely in English, you are required to submit language test scores to prove your proficiency in the English language. Scores from TOEFL – iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), or IELTS (International English Language Test Scheme) may be submitted as proof of English language proficiency.

TOEFL (iBT) scores

If you submit TOEFL (iBT) scores: The scores must be from a test taken on January 28, 2015 or later. Input the date when you took the exam in the space “exam date” (TOEFL) on the Online Application System. The official score must be reported directly to Rikkyo University from the Educational Testing Service before the application documents submission deadline. The Educational School Code (ETS code) for Rikkyo University is: 0751.

For more information about TOEFL.

TOEIC scores

If you submit TOEIC scores: The scores must be from a test taken on January 28, 2015 or later. Input the date when you took the exam in the space “exam date” (TOEIC) on the Online Application System. Contact the Institute for International Business Communication and ask for the “direct delivery system” so that a copy of the Official Score Report will be delivered directly to Rikkyo University before the application documents submission deadline.

For more details, refer to the TOEIC website (see on the right for the address) and follow their instructions for requesting a test certificate. Applicants scheduled to graduate from Rikkyo University may submit the results of TOEIC IP tests taken at the University between January 2015 and December 2016.

Input the date when you took the exam in the space “exam date” (TOEIC administered at Rikkyo) on the Online Application System.

For more information about TOEIC.

Two Letters of Reference

Your recommenders are not required to use any specifically designated forms when they write your reference letters. The letters may take any format which may suit your recommenders. Be very careful when you choose who you ask to write your letters of recommendation. These letters will be used by the committee to access your previous experience, skills and future potentials, which means that your recommender should have adequate knowledge of you as a person and of your abilities to work and learn. Since you are required to submit two letters of reference is a good idea to ask people who can evaluate you from a different perspective to write you a reference.

The ideal recommender to write your first letter of reference would be your supervising professor or a member of faculty who knew you well when you were studying for your undergraduate degree or equivalent. For your second letter you could ask someone who knows you within a context involving your working life, volunteer activities, community or other extracurricular activities. For both letters the ideal recommender would be somebody who taught, supervised, or worked with you in a senior or managerial position.

The most helpful letters of reference are those which give information about you as an individual, your personality, previous experiences and achievements, and an evaluation of your potentials.
Recommenders must explain their relationship to you, the number of years of their acquaintance with you, and give their current position and physical addresses, email addresses and contact numbers which the selection committee can use to contact them if necessary.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose must be;

  • written in English
  • no more than 1000 words in length.
  • word processed in double spaced format, and
  • clearly printed out on A4 sized paper.

Your statement of purpose is your means to convey to the selection committee your goals for the future, how you expect your experience in the MIB program to help you to achieve these goals and why these goals are important for you.

An authentic and strong statement of purpose will usually give the selection committee a good idea of how and why your future goals were developed, why you wish to join the MIB and what the accomplishment of your goals and objectives will mean for you and others.

Write your statement of purpose very carefully. Make sure that you take plenty of time to write, revise, and refine your statement until it clearly embodies and expresses your motivations and objectives.

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