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Final Results

the next steps

If your application is successful

moving forward

Successful applicants will be notified by post by the date shown in the application schedule.

The notification will include details regarding the enrollment and registration process and you will be required to complete these procedures as soon as possible.

The MIB administrative staff will be available to assist you should you have any questions or require any information as you complete the enrollment and registration process.

If you are currently residing outside Japan and are not a Japanese national or hold a long-term resident permit, Rikkyo University will sponsor you to receive a student’s residence status allowing it to reside in Japan. Staff from the international center will guide you through the formalities necessary to obtain your visa.

If required, you will be given assistance to find a place to reside in Japan and to settle into your life in Japan in general.

If your application is not successful

thinking about your future

The selection committee cannot always accept everyone who applies. If you are not offered a place in the MiB program you are of course free to reapply at the next round of admissions.

Before doing so however, we strongly suggest that you think carefully about your future goals and the role that participating in the MIB program would play in achieving these goals. Having previously applied to the MiB will in no way affect any future applications either negatively or positively.

Re-applications will require that the applicant submits an entirely new application form, validly dated GMAT scores, language scores, letters of recommendation and statement of purpose.

The admissions process is designed to assess the relevant aptitude and eligibility of applicants. This process is not designed to yield information which could be used to give feedback to help you improve your future performance or to give you any form of guidance should you wish to reconsider your career goals and plans for further education.

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