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Phase Two: Interview Screening

preparing for your interview

Interview schedule and location

Those who successfully pass the initial documentary screening will be invited for an interview.  Applicants who are in Japan during the interview period will be invited to attend an interview in person at Rikkyo University.

The schedule and dates for interviews in person at the Rikkyo University campus in Ikebukuro is shown in the application process schedule. Applicants will be informed by postal mail of the actual timing of their interviews when they receive the notification from the results of their document screening.

Applicants who will be outside of Japan during the interview period may take their interviews either by telephone or video conference.

The timing and method for the interview in these cases will be determined by the selection committee not by the candidate.

Check the schedule for interview examinations.

Interview & Presentation

The interview usually consists of two parts.

In the first part you will be required to give a presentation on a theme set by the selection committee. You will be notified about the theme, time and the format required for the presentation in writing when you receive the results of your document screening.

The second part of the interview consists of a series of questions by a panel of several faculty members.

The MIB administrative office and staff cannot help you to prepare for your interview or advise you in the preparation of your presentation.

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