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Application Fees, Tuition and Tuition Reduction 

payments in order to apply to the MIB program 

Examination application fees

Applicants are required to pay an application fee of ¥35,000 Japanese Yen. Your application fee can be paid using one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card,
  • ChinaPay,
  • PayPal, or
  • Remittance by ATM at a convenience store in Japan.

Make sure that you stipulate the payment method you intend to use when registering on the online application system. Use of the online application system will also incur an additional cost of ¥450 Japanese yen which will be added to the application fee. Also, be sure to complete your payment during the application as late payments cannot be accepted.

Application fee payments cannot be accepted in cash, postal money order, nor overseas remittance.

Officially certifiable victims of the 2011 East Japan Earthquake as stipulated by the official Emergency Relief Act exempt from payment of the application fee should they submit the required documents along with their application. Please refer to the application procedure document for details regarding the documents necessary.

Notice regarding tuition reduction

Successful applicants may apply for tuition reduction under the tuition reduction system if they are international students (not holding Japanese nationality), hold “Student” immigration resident status (visa), and are not receiving Japanese government scholarships or other equivalent forms of financial support.

The tuition reduction rate for academic year 2017 will be 30%. The implementation of the tuition reduction system and the rate are set by the university on a year to year basis and will be announced annually towards the end of each academic year.

Please note that the system does not apply to the students who will stay longer than their standard course term or to those who will be on leave from the University.

payments in order to enroll in the MIB program 

Tuition and costs

The total cost of tuition and other fees for MIB students in academic year 2017 will be ¥914,500 Japanese yen as shown in the following table:

academic fees

enrollment fees

tuition fees

(due at time of enrollment)

educational subsidy fees

(due at time of enrollment)






other fees to be remitted

lab / seminar fees

(due at time of enrollment)

student health insurance union fees

(due at time of enrollment)





total amount to be remitted at the time of enrollment

total amount to be remitted at start of second semester after enrollment

total amount to be remitted in the first academic year




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