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All applicants to the MiB are required to provide the following information:

what you will need to prepare

Applicants wishing to enter the MiB program for the academic year commencing in September 2017 must satisfy at least one of the following conditions by September 19, 2017:

  1. Have graduated from an officially recognised Japanese university.
  2. Have been awarded a Bachelors Degree by a qualified educational institution in Japan.
  3. Have graduated from a university overseas with a total of 16 years of formal education. A “university” here refers to an educational institution overseas which is recognised as a university within the respective nation and meets the standards of a university as defined by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  4. Have completed an education program at a vocational school recognised by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  5. Be individually certified by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as eligible.
  6. Be 22 years of age and be individually certified by Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business to have attained academic competency that is equal to or surpasses the level expected of a university graduate. Those who plan to apply on the basis of this condition must undergo a separate review to verify their eligibility prior to their application. For details on the review procedures, please contact the College Administration Office, Section 4, College of Business (tel: +81-3-3985-2317) by December 2, 2016.

Applicants may submit either GMAT or GRE scores. The selection committee looks for scores that show solid quantitative and analytical skills. There is no set minimum score, however, applicants are expected to be able to display a high degree of competence on all sections of the tests. Applicants are required to release their official online scores for review by the selection committee. Scores must be from tests taken from within the last three years before your application. Scores from tests taken more than three years before your application will not be accepted.

For GMAT the code to give GMAC in order to release your scores to Rikkyo University is: KNH-FJ.

If your first language is not English or, if your undergraduate degree was not from a program taught entirely in English, you are required to submit language test scores to prove your proficiency in the English language. Scores from TOEFL – iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), or IELTS (International English Language Test Scheme) may be submitted as proof of English language proficiency.

If using TOEFL: The scores must be from a test taken on January 28, 2015 or later. Input the date when you took the exam in the space “exam date” (TOEFL) on the Online Application System. The official score must be reported directly to Rikkyo University from the Educational Testing Service before the application documents submission deadline. The Educational School Code (ETS code) for Rikkyo University is: 0751.

If using TOEIC: The scores must be from a test taken on January 28, 2015 or later. Contact the Institute for International Business Communication and ask for the “direct delivery system” so that a copy of the Official Score Report will be delivered directly to Rikkyo University before the application documents submission deadline.

Applicants scheduled to graduate from Rikkyo University may submit the results of TOEIC IP tests taken at the University between January 28, 2015 or later.

Your referees are not required to use any specifically designated forms when they write your reference letters. The letters may take any format which may suit your referees. Be very careful when you choose who you ask to write your letters of recommendation. These letters will be used by the committee to access your previous experience, skills and future potentials.

Your statement of purpose is your means to convey to the selection committee your goals for the future, how you expect your experience in the MIB program to help you to achieve these goals and why these goals are important for you.

Please ensure your application is complete upon submission and all necessary documents are submitted before the deadline. The admissions committee can only consider a candidate once all supporting documentation has been received. We reserve the right to verify the authenticity of applicants’ references, work experience and academic background, and to request additional supporting evidence if necessary.

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