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before you apply – thinking about the future

think about your role in business

leaders of change

The MiB program is not for everyone. If you want to build up a career working in the field of global business with a solid focus on Asia and Japan, develop a comprehensive yet pragmatic grasp of management as a discipline, and hone your skills as a leader and coordinator of teams of highly diverse and talented individuals, then the MiB is the program for you.

Areas of skill development given particular emphasis within the MiB include:

  • Leadership, group working and team building
  • Business communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Critical and systems analysis skills
  • Scenario planning and future design skills
  • Resource and time management skills

These skills will form the basis for a capacity to conceptualize, define and reframe business opportunities.

think about your career objectives

our goals

Before you apply to the MiB, spend some time thinking carefully about what sort of career you want for your future. What challenges and opportunities will you face and what skills and knowledge you will need to meet your goals.

Read about the MiB structure and purpose.

think about how you want to learn

our approach

Think also about what sort of environment you want to study in, the values and objectives that would characterize your preferred learning environment.

Read about the educational philosophy of Rikkyo.

familiarize yourself with the MiB

visit Rikkyo

Once you have clarified your needs and preferences, spend some time and do some research regarding the MiB to make certain that we are your best choice. We invite anyone thinking about a career in global business to contact us and discuss your future goals and what we can do help you achieve them.

If you are located in Japan or have the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, make an appointment to come and visit us, talk with current MiB students and sit in on some classes. We can also arrange meetings with faculty and administrative staff to consult with you.

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get in touch with us

online inquiries

If you cannot make it to Tokyo, an admissions officer will be pleased to assist you and answer any questions you may have via our online enquiry system or contact form.

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Register you interest in the MiB with us and we can send you brochures about the MiB and Rikkyo University, and notifications of seminars and events.

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