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Eligibility Assessment

The MiB Program selection committee evaluates applicants upon the basis of a number of criteria as outlined in the admissions page on this website.

In order to assist you in choosing the program that best suits your needs, we would be pleased to asses your eligibility according to these criteria.Please complete the form below, upload your CV and we will advise you regarding your current elligibility as a candidate for the MiB Program.

We will require at least seven business days in order to respond to you.

You have already submitted your details on a previous occasion. Please contact the MiB office for further assistance.

Please Note:

This assessment is not a part of the official admissions process. It has no effect upon the outcome of any application you may make.

For Your Privacy

The contents of this page are encrypted in order to protect the confidentiality of your information.

This site is subject to the Rikkyo University Private Information Protection Policy. In accordance with this policy the information collected using this form will be used only for the purpose stated at the top of this page.
This information will not be sold or made available in any form whatsoever to any third parties.

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