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an open letter from the Dean

Professor Jun Ishikawa

Dean, Graduate School of Management

Rikkyo University College of Business

a progressive approach

The educational and research philosophy of the Graduate School of Business is to cultivate researchers and highly-trained experts equipped with the knowledge and ability to take a diversity of approaches in analyzing the new business climate, such as the internationalization and modularization of production processes and the creation of global networks of business organizations. The internationalization of business activities has shifted from overseas direct investment in the search for cheap production costs in the 1980s to a level of real time global optimization of production elements in the late 1990s through the evolution of internet technologies.

We have entered an era in which not only funds and intermediate goods but even the workforce, who should be the most local of production elements, move to and fro between the world’s major urban areas. At present, understanding the global business climate that companies face and presenting measures to be taken has become a significant social requirement not only for actual business practice but also for the theory of business studies

To meet this social requirement, business studies education needs to be more interdisciplinary and take a wider view than before. The aim of our graduate school is to develop researchers and highly-trained experts in the field of business studies in response to expectations for academic graduate training that actively examines the new business climate from various approaches.

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a rich interdisciplinary tradition

What makes our graduate school stand out from the graduate schools of other universities is our interdisciplinary business studies education. This characteristic can be seen in our history.

The Graduate School of Business was established by the faculty of the former Graduate Program in Business Administration of the Graduate School of Economics and the Graduate Degree Program in Applied Sociology of the Graduate School of Sociology, and it conducts interdisciplinary specialized studies in the field of business administration.

The Graduate Program in Business Administration conducted traditional business management education and research based on business administration and accounting, while the Graduate Program in Applied Sociology places its theoretical basis in industrial relations. The concept of industrial relations, born in the US, originally focused on fields such as internal operations, human relations, personnel management, and labor relations. In recent years, however, the concept has taken on a broader meaning, including corporate marketing behavior, consumer behavior, the relationship between industry and local communities or social activities such as seen in corporate social responsibility, and business strategies for responding to the rapidly changing values of industrial society brought on by the advancement of informatization and other corporate activities.

The Graduate School of Business has incorporated this new sense of industrial relations into traditional business management studies and, by researching and teaching on the current business climate of informatization, globalization, and diversification from a broader perspective, is developing a new generation of researchers and highly-trained experts.

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“We concentrate on business in Japan and Asia yet, when combined with the resources of our network of partner universities throughout the world, our coverage is global.”

a unique opportunity

In April 2011, the Graduate School of Business took aim at one of its original educational goals when it launched its English-based Master of International Business Program (MiB) for nurturing researchers and highly-trained experts who will examine business administration in the global era. The MiB provides a unique opportunity to study business:

We are located in the center of Tokyo in one of Japan’s oldest universities, yet we are one of the newest, and aim to be the most innovative, business programs in the region.

We concentrate on business in Japan and Asia yet, when combined with the resources of our network of partner universities throughout the world, our coverage is global.

Our courses are intensive and highly coordinated but we maintain a supportive atmosphere through our system of personalized mentoring for individual students.

We conduct all our classes in English but also offer our students the opportunity to master the Japanese language by participating in the professional programs offered by the Japanese Language Center at Rikkyo University.

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an invitation

I believe that we offer the best starting point for anyone planning a career in business. Whether you plan on a career within Asia, or working globally in partnership with corporations from other parts of the world, the MiB will provide you with the advanced, cross-cultural and practical introduction to business that you will need to achieve your goals.

I invite you to join us at the MIB and take your place at the leading edge of business.


Professor Jun Ishikawa

Dean, Graduate School of Business

College of Business

Rikkyo University

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