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one program, three tracks

The MiB program is offered in a choice of three different “tracks” in order to best meet your needs as an individual. While designed to assure the same high level of quality, each of the tracks allow students to tailor their graduate education to best fit their career goals. These three tracks are:

Two year Master in International Business (MiB) in Tokyo at Rikkyo University.

Two-Year MiB International Double Degree (MiB-IDD) consisting of one year of study at Rikkyo in Tokyo and one year of study at a partner institution overseas.

Accelerated Five-Year Combined BA/MiB Degree track.

Students in the MiB program are enrolled into a specific individual track which cannot be combined with or changed to another track. Applicants can only apply to one track. Think carefully about which track best suits your own needs before making your application.

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two year MiB track in Tokyo

track one

This, the most popular way among our students to take the MiB, is called the “MiB track,” or the “two year track.” In this track students earn an MiB degree from Rikkyo University after two years of enrollment and study at the Rikkyo University campus in Tokyo, Japan. This track enables students to experience life in Japan for a full two years and to immerse themselves in Japanese culture.

Students who are interested in studying the Japanese language will find this track to be particularly well suited to their needs because it enables them to take a series of Japanese Language courses starting from beginners level and up to the Japanese Language for Business Purposes intermediate and advanced courses offered by the Rikkyo University Japanese Language Center exclusively for MiB students.

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two year international double degree (MiB-IDD)

track two

In this track students earn an MiB degree from Rikkyo University and a masters degree in business or a related field (for example an MBA) at one of our international partner institutions. Both universities award a degree to the student after a total of two years of enrollment. In short, this track enables students to receive two degrees (one from Rikkyo and one from the partner institution) in a total of two years.
If you gain entry to the MiB-IDD through Rikkyo University starting in September your two year study schedule will look like this:

Contact the MiB office to ask which partner institutions are available for the time that you are considering.

Since this track is based upon a student exchange agreement between Rikkyo and the partner institution, students only pay tuition to one university. If you apply to the MiB at Rikkyo and get accepted to the MiB-IDD track you will only pay tuition to Rikkyo and after two years of study graduate with degrees from both Rikkyo and the partner. Of course, partner institutions do charge IDD students some small compulsory fees for student union membership and insurance. When applying to this track students must successfully pass the admissions process at both Rikkyo University and the partner institution in order to gain admission and, complete the requirements of the programs at both Rikkyo University and the partner institution in order to be awarded both degrees.

In order to be admitted to this track you can either apply first to the MiB at Rikkyo and have your application lodged by Rikkyo at the partner institution, or apply for admission to a partner institution and from there have the partner lodge your application here at the MiB in Rikkyo. Either way, if successful, you will become a Rikkyo MiB student.

All partner institutions offer their own programs in English and their curriculum are coordinated with that of the MiB in order to ensure compatibility. Students wishing to gain overseas experience in two business environments – for instance that of Japan and France – find this track to be very attractive.

accelerated combined BA/MiB

track three

In order to enter the “accelerated” or “combined track” of the MiB you need to think ahead because this track is only open to students who come up through the Rikkyo University College of Business undergraduate program and combine their undergraduate bachelors degree with their MiB degree. In short, in order to enter this track you must first enter the undergraduate program at the College of Business.

Once in the program students in this track combine their fourth (last) year of their bachelors degree at the College of Business with the first year of the MiB program. At completion of their fourth undergraduate year they graduate with their BA degree but continue on directly to the second year of the MiB programme in the following year. After one year – their fifth at Rikkyo – students then graduate with their MiB from the graduate school. This track is not a compressed version of the MiB that only lasts one year. It is an integrated format whereby the fourth year of the Bachelor degree is combined with the first year of the MiB while the second year of the MiB is completed as an additional one years study.

This track enables students to complete both their bachelors and masters degrees in five years instead of the standard six year period. This option is available exclusively to current Rikkyo College of Business undergraduate students and then only to those who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and significant leadership potential.

If you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student in your first or second year please contact your academic adviser or supervising professor in order to discuss the five year accelerated program.

If you are currently studying at, or recently graduated from a highschool or equivalent institution, please refer to the College of Business website for information on their undergraduate degrees.

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